State-of-the-art technology plays an important part at the Wöhrle Dental Implant Clinic. An in-office, low-radiation Cone Beam CT scanner is used to obtain high-definition three-dimensional images rather than the traditional 2-dimensional radiographs. This enables the team to provide you with fast, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning. The resulting images are used to virtually place implants on the computer in the best bone at the best location available, and to avoid vital structures such as nerves. Subsequently, CAD-CAM technology is used to fabricate special surgical guides which are then used during minimally invasive guided implant surgery.

During the fabrication of the restorations, CAD-CAM technologies are used when fabricating milled frameworks from a single block of titanium or zirconia. Also, the inner part of crowns is fabricated using this technology from alumina or zirconia.