Single Tooth Replacement

The implant was developed by Dr. Wöhrle in an effort to better deal with variations in bone morphology between patients that have lost just a few teeth compared to those that have lost all or most of their teeth. In general, the bone crest is flat and resorbed when patient have lost most of their teeth, or when tooth loss occurred a long time ago. In contrast, patients that just lost a tooth or where small gaps between teeth exist, the bone has a scalloped, 3-dimensional appearance. In order to preserve this naturally looking morphology, Dr. Wöhrle developed and patented the scalloped implant with uniquely shaped hard and soft tissue apposition areas. This allows the surgeon to place an implant with similar design into the non-resorbed bone, resulting in improved soft-tissue contours and objective esthetic scores.

Because the implant placement is more complex compared to traditional flat-top implants, the manufacturer has placed restrictions on the use of this product, allowing only experienced surgeons to purchase it.