Implant Procedure

Immediate loading refers to attaching a crown or a bridge to a newly inserted implant(s) at the time of implant placement. Simply put, the various procedures that were traditionally spread out over 4-6 months are carried out simultaneously. This means that you always will have fixed teeth during the treatment. Sometimes it is even possible to insert the final bridge at the time of implant placement.

Immediate loading is dependent upon a lot of factors relating to the stability of the implant when it is placed in bone, the number and location of the implants, and on loading factors. Having vast experience placing and immediately restoring implants will further enhance outcome. The Wöhrle Dental Implant Clinic has been the leader in providing immediate loading to their patients. In fact, Dr. Wöhrle has co-authored the first publication ever on immediate loading of endosseous implants [Schnitman 1990] as well as pioneered the concept of immediate tooth replacement [Wöhrle 1998].